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Homework Help: Coefficient of Kinetic Friction

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    I am working on a lab report in which a hockey puck is put on a ramp which is lifted until the puck slides. Displacement, acceleration and time are measured. Can someone help me with the discussion questions? I wanted to be as indepth as possible with my answers, thanks in advance.

    1) Assess the assumption that acceleration was constant as the object moved down the ramp in the kinetic friction section.

    2) Should mass affect the static and kinetic friction coefficients? Explain.

    3) Analyze sources of error (controllable and uncontrollable) in this lab.

    (A good response is Urgently Required.)
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    1) Find the forces on the puck. Are they constant? If not, whats changing?

    2) Mass doesn't affect friction coefficients, the gravity and friction both operate on mass and therefore it cancels. Heavier mass gets pulled down more by gravity, but also gets slowed down more by friction.

    3) You should know htis better than I. I don't know your setup but I would imagine you used some photo sensors for timing, you could mention something about air resistance.
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