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Coefficient of Restitution

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    Hi all,
    I am trying to find the coefficient of restitution in this example:
    Block m1=2 kg is pushed with initial velocity v=7 m/s for distance
    d = 4 meters towards a wall. Kinetic friction b/w floor and block is mK = 0.4. The block rebounds off the wall and travels distance
    d2 = 1 m before stopping.

    I think I should get the speeds of the block right before and after hitting the wall first but I am really lost on this one. Any help or teaching would be appreciated.
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    First of calculate the relative velocity of approach and separation

    e= coefficient of restitutio is given by relative velocity of separation along the normal divided by relative velocity of approach
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    Doc Al

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    Note to SuperGeek: You posted this in the Classical Physics section, check there for my response.

    PS: Bad Dog for posting twice!
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