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Coefficient of Restitution?

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    Whats the equation for the coefficient of restitution again? Went blank!
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    Code (Text):

    Coefficient of Restitution = Speed of Separation = v[sub]1[/sub]-v[sub]2[/sub]
                                 -------------------   -----
                                  Speed of Approach    u[sub]1[/sub]-u[sub]2[/sub]

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    Doc Al

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    For the simple case of something bouncing off the floor (or any immoveable object) the coefficient of restitution is:

    c = vf/v0
    where v0 is the speed of the object before the collision, and vf is the speed after the collision.

    For perfectly elastic collisions, c = 1.
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    It's like waiting for a bus, you have to wait for ages and then two come along at once.
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    v1-v2/u1-u2, thats the one, thats guys!
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