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Homework Help: Coefficient of static friction graph

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    hey I did this experiment where I dragged a mass by a scale until it moved to find the static friction. Then weight was added to the mass and the process reapeated.

    My question when graphed and the mass or Fn on the x-axis and the applied force or Fs on the y axis should it not plot a straight line through 0,0, which owuld be the coeffiecent of static friction?? Im just wanting to know because either i messed up the graph or got messed up results during the experiment.
    thanx for your time
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    Yes, it should roughly be a straight line through the origin. Can you explain why this is true ? And what property of this line gives you the coeff of static friction ?

    PS : This is introductory physics. Next time, post such questions in the other section.
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