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COF for rubber on steel

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    Hello all,

    im trying to find some data for the static COF for rubber on steel. I have been looking hard but can only find info for rubber on concrete and other non metals.

    I am doing the initial sums for a combat robot im designing, but want to get the figures sorted out before i spend any money.

    Best Regards,

    Mech King
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    Can only find lubricated, sliding COF for those surfaces in my references. It's 0.05.
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    Hi brewnog, thanks for the reply.

    Ye i's on of those combinations of materials that you would expectt here to be lots of info for the COF, but suprisingly not.

    I have assumed a COF of about 0.9 to 1 for a rubber go kart wheel on a steel surface. I cannot find any exact grade of steel for the combat surface in the fighting robot standard.

    Its always been one of those "suck it and see" areas for me (please excuse metaphor).

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    I'd believe 0.7 (0.9 sounds very optimistic).
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    Cheers for the responses guys, 0.7 sounds like the winner, i iwll have a closer look at these links aswell,


    Mech King
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    In addition, there are lots of different grades of rubber and lots of different grades and finishes of steel, so the COF will probably have a pretty wide range.
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