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Cognitive Science

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    Tom Mattson

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    Since encountering the likes of Psychodelirium and DT Strain at PF, I have been itching to learn more about how the brain works. Here are some lecture notes for a first course in cognitive science.

    Let's discuss.

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    I too am very interested in this subject Tom. I read over a few of the lecture notes, and when I have a little more time I'll post a few things myself.
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    interest in cognitive science? finnaly i can be of use.
    i'm at work right now, writing a paper on mathematical cognition, but when i get some free time i'll find some interesting articles.

    I've got plenty of acticles on all sorts of things.
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    I suggest anyone who's interested in cognitive science read Marvin Minsky's, The Society of Mind. It's an easy read because it's written as two hundred, one-page essays on different aspects of cognitive science that provide a good introduction to the subject and when put together present Minsky's own ideas.

    BTW, here's a link to various philosophy radio programs (interviews and such), some of which are Philosophy of Mind programs:

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    Um, I could be of fair use. But, is it just me or did the notes not work? I had several blank pages come up, and of all things, quotation marks everywhere. (i guess its my bad luck, that I usually have with computers)
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