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Coherent modes

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    Hi everyone,
    I am reading a paper, which discusses about power spectrum. There is a plot which is power versus k(wave number). It says something about "coherent large scale modes". Would you please tell me what the meaning of this is?
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    Cite the paper instead of a pinada
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    Sorry, I shouldn't have said "a paper". It is a note. I don't know what mode is in regard to power spectrum in fourier space? Does it mean wavenumber? And in addition what "coherent mode" is?
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    Again, can you cite the paper you are reading? Perhaps even give us a link to it?
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    They are Fourier modes, which are the time-dependent functions in front of the plane wave basis states in the Fourier decomposition of a function. The mode functions are indexed by comoving wavenumber, k: they describe the time evolution of perturbations on the scale k.
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