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Coil Design-200Watts

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    I need a technical assistance in designing of a coil which will work on 24V DC supply with a maximum wattage of 200W suggest me the coil guage, no of turns and the coil ID & OD.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What is the application for the coil? What inductance do you want? What series resistance can you tolerate in the circuit?

    A coil is not rated by power (and especially not at 200W!). A coil is rated by its inductance, DC resistance, and its saturation current (if it is wound on a ferrous metal or ferrite).
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    I want to use it in 33kV VCB's as Tripping coil...
    and here I'm giving the DC supply to the coil so there is no matter of inductance I think..
    and the series resistance can be 2.9ohms..
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