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Coil-gun help please.

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    I'm building a coil-gun. I want to use 3 12v lithium car batteries in series to power the gun. Lithium car batteries have enough energy, are light so gun would be smaller & lighter without capacitors, but most importantly I need the gun to be able to rapid fire so I don't have much time for cap charging.

    Lets say that I could build an super long barrel with say a 1000 coils/stages on the gun. And each coil is fired by opti switch at the right time, in this hypothetical gun would it be better to power the gun with just batteries mentioned above or still use caps on each stage of the gun?
    (again the gun needs to rapid fire so not much time for charging and don't have much room for huge power supply to do so)

    If I just use the batteries to power the coilgun, and I have many stages in the gun can I still theoretically get the projectile to any speed by adding more and more stages?

    Thanks everyone
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    supak111, Welcome to Physics Forums! You have come to the wrong place to get help in building a coilgun. If you click on "rules" at the top of the page, then scroll down that page you will find this:

    "PROHIBITED: Illegal & Dangerous Activities: Explicit "how to" discussions of illegal and/or dangerous activities, or posts advocating such activities, are prohibited; such as: how to make explosives, manufacture crack, steal software, hack into the CIA,..."

    Sorry, but you cannot expect any member here to help. Now, if you ever have a doubt or question about anything non-lethal/not a weapon, then do post it here. Members here are always ready to assist everyone who wants to learn and shows herself to be a true searcher.

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    But coilguns and railguns are 100% LEGAL in all 50 US states. Actually by federal definition of a "firearm" coilguns and railguns are not even considered guns which is what makes them so appealing to build and use.

    I'm def not trying to break any forum rules
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    For coil guns to be able to 'shoot' or 'launch' anything, you need a HIGH HIGH current, and that's dangerous. We don't want anyone to die because someone gave you not safety first advice from this forum.
    Car batteries: dangerous

    If you don't understand why your project is incredibly impractical and not implementable, then you probably shouldn't be able allowed to operate a toaster oven.
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    Dangerous discussions are not allowed at the PF. Thread is closed.
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