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Coil gun project

  1. Aug 26, 2005 #1
    I have begun the preliminary stages of producing a compact electromagnetic rifle (coilgun). I have the mechanics of the ammo clip worked out for 13 or so shots loaded by a side mount bolt.

    Whats holding me back now is the electronics of the project. Im a civil engineer and have had very limited contact with electric circuits. Anyway, i would ask questions on that if i knew them, and im sure i will have the right ones to ask in time.

    I do have this question, for anyone who is familiar with coil guns. Why can one not fire repeatedly in a semi-automatic firing mode?

    If anyone is familiar with this type of weapon, id be very interested in a book or informative website on the issue.

    BTW, this is a hobby not at all intended for dangerous use.
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