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Coil simulation with maxwell

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    hello every one
    i want too simulate a coil with with Maxwell and transient solution type:
    this coil is in a paper and i want to simulate it
    i attach the coil properties. in this paper the dimension of coil is given such:
    diameret:12cm; length=84cm; moment=30a-m^2; construction= 16 turns AWG#12; coil voltage=65Vrms=91Vpeak; frequency=575hz; depth rating=30m
    and @ 50 meter from this antenna we have 8pT signal

    i calculate the equivalent circuit:
    you know the AWG#12 diameter is 2.053mm and has 5.211 mohm/m, and as we say, the coil voltage is 91v, so we have:
    Rcoil=30.85mohm; Lcoil=.15mH
    i simulate the coil with the thickness of 2.053 which is the same of diameter of wire.
    so i simulate it with two type of winding (voltage and external)
    1) in voltage type i fill in the blanks such these:
    initial current=0 ; resistance=30.85mohm, inductance=.15mH , voltage=91*cos(2*pi*575*time)
    i run this but i don't achieve the 8pT signal @ 50 meter from antenna. i attache it by the name of coil with voltage
    2) external: in this type i create an external circuit with maxwel circuit editor and import it in the maxwell. i attach the circuit and the maxwell simulation with the names of circuit and coil with external circuit.
    i run this but i don't achieve the 8pT signal @ 50 meter from antenna.
    another question is that what value i have to select for the resistance which is series with the sinusoidal source? this value has deep effect in my result.
    please help me and suggest me some solution, i don;t have time and i have to simulate it :( :(
    thank you

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