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Coilgun physics

  1. Mar 25, 2012 #1

    I have some doubts regarding the construction of a home-made single stage coilgun, i'm using a plastic tube(the way the object will travle through),an iron sphere(the object to be accelerated), and 8 cylindrical iron coils distributed equally on the end of the tube.
    • The tube has 2 inchs of diamater and 1m in length
    • the iron cylinders have 10 cm in length and half inch of diameter
    • the sphere has 1 inch of diameter
    This is my science fair project,and i wanted to know if it can work,if you guys need an image or don't understand something, i can post images or explain better on the thread.
    Oh, my energy source has 12 volts and an unknown value of electrical current, AC.
    The copper wire i'm using on the coils have 1mm of diameter.

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