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Coin flipping robot.

  1. Feb 5, 2015 #1
    If you made a coin flipping machine that was contained inside a vacuum (or as close to a vacuum as you can get) and the robot flipped the same coin from the same starting position with the same speed etc, let the coin bounce on the floor and repeated the experiment with the exact same starting parameters, would the coin always bounce and following the exact same path and would it always land on the same face?

    Is there any videos where we have created this type of device? I guess the same can be said for a die, if you throw it with the exact same force and starting position etc it would always bounce and roll in the exact same path.
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    Theoretically, yes. If you were to remove all variables from the system, you would expect the same outcome every time. I have never seen any contraption that was able to remove enough variability to get the same outcome every time.
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