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Coin on a turntable

  1. Mar 10, 2015 #1
    A very small coin is at distance 10.5 cm from the spindle of a turntable. The turntable starts spinning from rest with constant angular acceleration. In 0.133 s the coin's centripetal acceleration is 1.39 times its tangential acceleration.
    1)Find the turntable's angular acceleration.
    2)Find the angle by which the turntable turns in 0.133 s.
    3)Find the magnitude of the coin's linear acceleration in 0.133 s.

    Having trouble please help
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    Hello Nick, welcome to PF :smile: !

    So far for the problem statement. Interesting.

    Now for the rest of the template. The guidelines require an effort on your part to come to a solution. That also helps us to provide more useful assistance: you don't need the answer, you need the exercise !

    2. Relevant equations -- check here

    3. The attempt at a solution -- think what you would do with linear motion and try to translate to rotation
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