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Col.Tom Bearden on various things

  1. Oct 21, 2004 #1
    I have just one book by Col. Tom Bearden and have tried to read
    some of his Email questions and answers on his website but am
    wondering about some of the things he has written about.

    1. He believes most or all of the UFOs are caused by mass

    2. "The Russians were indeed using the (NASA Space) shuttle
    launches for target practice ,offsetting the shots (scalar
    weapon) so as not to hit the vehicle and kill it. The Russians
    were using scalar interferometer weapons."

    What do you think about Col. Bearden's thoughts? Is he right or
    wrong? What are SCALAR WEAPONS...do they really exist?
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    I think the Russians have been secretly testing their mind control weapon on Col Bearden's brain. The scalar weapon concept is related to the EM pulse that accompanies nuclear detonations, which toast nearby electrical devices by inducing power surges. The concept itself dates back to Nikolai Tesla. According to Bearden, the Russians have a super-secret research project that has discovered new physics, along with ways to circumvent the old physics of the western world. By manipulating the fabric of the space-time continuum, they are able to materialize enormous bursts of electrogravitational energy directly into the space occupied by remote targets. This, of course, is how they destroyed the shuttle Challenger along with numerous aircraft and missiles. This project is so secret, the Russians occasionally down their own aircraft and missiles to avoid suspiscion.

    Deep doo-doo is frequently clothed in fancy, authoritative sounding phrases and fantastic claims. In using terms the reader has never encountered before, the author implies expertise and knowledge of a great many other profound and mysterious things the reader did not know. It should also be obvious to anyone with half a brain that things just don't happen for no apparent reason. The government knows exactly what happened almost every time something odd or calamitous occurs, they just won't admit it.
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    Chronos : Thanks for the interesting reply. I had similar thoughts as yours but just
    wanted to see others first. I had tried to get Bearden on some weekend radio
    program (Coast to Coast am) with Art Bell asking him about Bearden's theories but
    never got an answer from Bell. I finally asked about an interview from Bearden's
    website and his webmaster said :"Col.Bearden does not give interviews anymore....
    everything is on his website."

    What do you think about UFOs? Are most of them US.Airforce testing new kinds of
    aircraft or is it a mixture of real flying objects and people sighting natural things but
    assume they are from outer space?
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    You have pretty much answered your own question. Bearden is a phony, at best, and a self-deluded psychopath, at worst. I would think a colonel in charge of a top secret project could release more compelling evidence that the government had something to hide. I think UFO's are just what the name implies.. unidentified. That is a far cry from evidence they came from other worlds.
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