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News Colbert 4 Prez!

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    haha I thought it was a joke on his show, but apparently he's actually doing it. right now he's raising signatures. I wonder how far he'll take it. I'd so vote for him! but I'm not an american.

    I never miss his show.

    speaking of. I'm surprised at how many people don't understand his character is a joke. I met this girl at a party this weekend who thought they're all his real opinions. and I've heard it before from other people... anyone else find that really really really weird? I mean, she wasn't dumb or anything, which is what made it weird. and I was like "it's not really him. that's the joke; he's poking fun at people like that," but I don't think she was convinced ... I always figured a sense of humor and sarcasm was pretty much a standard built-in feature in people.

    my assumption gets me in trouble more than a few times a week.
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    I can see how people might think that, particularly without context. I mean, it's not even that much of an exaggeration compared to someone like Bill O'Reilly.

    What he's doing is ballsy for a comedian. You have to be really good to stay in that narrow zone between reality and absurdity.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The thing is that he knows a lot about politics and what the American public thinks. I can definitely see him as a good president. His running for both parties is rather brilliant, because he is a satirist. He will have the right's vote that does not see the satire and the left's vote that does.

    He'd have my vote for the latter reason, but I'll only be 17 by election time. :/
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    Good breading stock, you must share your DNA with her.

    Let me guess, a bottle blonde?

    I happened to catch Larry King, The Daily Show, and Colbert's show............maybe he will get more votes than Pat Paulson in 1972.

    I might be wrong but I think Pat Paulson recieved a couple hundred thousand votes in 1968 or 1972.
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    Well it is a joke, and I suspect he'll take it as far as he can. That's commitment.
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    haha no I mean a joke about actually presenting. he's been hinting at it for months; i never thought he'd actually go through with it.
    and yea, he probably will take it as far as he can, he takes his jokes seriously— one of the best moments was when he presented to be named after that bridge and won. boy that backfired :rofl:
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    Ever hear of Pat Paulson?
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    I wasn't referring to his running for President, I was referring to his show. :wink:
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    Some people just don't get irony. I don't think it necessarily correlates with intelligence.
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    That is a very insightful comment.
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    If I didn't like Ron Paul so much, I'd write him in
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