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Cold Air

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    How does cold air travel?
    Isn't it like me flashing darkness at your face?
    Because cold is the absence of heat as darkness is absence of light.
    It's like nothing traveling.
    I know it's confusing.:confused:
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    Cold air is air....it travels like air. :confused::confused:

    Heat moves from warm areas to cold areas, though that isn't necessarily how air works because air moves as a mass and transfers heat through convection. If you have a cold reservoir and a warm reservoir (say, big blocks of steel) and connect them with a conducting material, the heat will travel from warm to cold. But the temperature profiles will be symmetrical, so it almost looks as though you can consider the heat to be flowing in one direction or the "cold" to be flowing in the other.
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    This could be turned into a nice limerick:

    How does cold air go about traveling?
    Isn't it like darkness unraveling?
    Cold is the absence
    of heat in this parlance
    of nonsense, I know it's confusing.
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