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B Cold Atom Laboratory -- ultra-cold quantum gases in the microgravity environment on the ISS

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    Before I begin this thread I must confess to nearly complete ignorance of Quantum Physics, or for that matter most any technical science.(I'm somewhere between a consumer and a parasite). That being said I came across this JPL link and it caught my attention, seems to be some groundbreaking research is being planned on ISS and I'm curious from the professional point of view (PF members/mentors) just what we can expect to learn from the experiments. I get the gist of it from the site mentioned, however I'm sure a discussion here will be much more revealing than the article. I hope this is posted in the appropriate area and I'm not personally looking for technical information as that would be wasted on me, however I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say on this particular subject. Thanks for your time in advance.

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    The link doesn't seem to be working.
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    Not sure whats up with the link. Here are several that relate to the Cold atom Lab. once again thanks for your patience, much appreciated.
    http://nasasearch.nasa.gov/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&affiliate=nasa&query=cold+atom+laborotory&commit=Search [Broken]
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    The link in Post #1 works for me...
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