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Cold dark matter searches

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    From the discussion in APS Viewpoints.

    The two experiments taken together—XENON10 superior at lower masses and CDMS II at higher—are now encroaching well into the region where discovery may be lurking, a marvelous feat considering that a scattering cross section of order 10-44 cm2 corresponds to a mean free path measured in light years of solid lead. Expectations should be tempered, however, as supersymmetry as a theory has an enormous dimensionality and is largely unconstrained. Parameter explorations of supersymmetry performed with a view to understanding the implications for experiments generate landscapes extending orders of magnitude in both mass and cross section, some regions of which always lay beyond the pale of any conceivable experiment

    Are they saying the CDM particle may remain a mystery.
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    Benchmark for SUSY searches.

    http://www.slac.stanford.edu/spires/find/hep?key=4875940 [Broken]
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