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Cold Fusion REU

  1. Mar 13, 2012 #1
    Does anyone happen to know any undergrad research programs in the U.S. that deal with cold fusion and related experiments?
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    I'm not sure that anybody actually funds stuff like that anymore. Not sure how many universities ever did fund these projects in the first place.

    Now I'm not enough of an authority (lowly grad student in biophysics) to say that it's all a crock, but almost every government in the developed world has put some sort of research in it and concluded that it's not worth government funding.

    Don't take this the wrong way, it's not meant to be offensively derisive: if you want to get involved in cold fusion, you might want to look into an undergrad creative writing workshop instead of an REU this summer.
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    Toyota used to fund cold fusion research, but they stopped a number of years ago. I think they were the last serious funders of the work. I'm not sure anyone is actually working on it anymore; it didn't work and no one could ever make it work. And since it was such a huge career-ended last time someone thought they had it working (which was their own fault, really) there's a stigma attached to it. So in conclusion, no, you're not going to find an REU on the topic. But you might be able to find something to do with energy research if you look around enough.
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    This thread is done.
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