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Cold fusion.

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    hi e1,
    sorry for one, to bring a post this big, b4 I even introduced myself;
    originally, i made it for a different forum, for folks that neither really knew what i was talking about, nor would really care, a forum which i got used to as my boring 2nd 'home', sort of a pretty much dull gamer-forum, which my hubby established, somewhat 5 yrs ago;
    well, today was my lucky day again, (i guess so), and hubby told me that he is getting sick hearing about my 'pseudo-science' bs again(he must know what he is talking about, since he's got a bs in mechanical engineering, whereas i am just a halfwit-chemist w/o degree, who is still reading science books in her spare time..);
    anyways, i have to dump this somewhere, and i have the feeling this might be a better place:)
    i do apologize for the 'slight' educational tone, it was designed originally for a non-scientific audience;
    -why would i not have posted it here in the 1st place? idk, maybe because i wanted to have others getting involved into what really matters, instead of wasting their life-time with retarded posts about total nonsense, maybe because i'm stupid myself..(srry, i'm a bit down rt now:(
    well, here goes my annoying post..enjoy! :-\

    *what he was trying to demonstrate is a s.c. 'cold fusion' apparatus;
    in this case creating 'bona fide'-non-net-output fusion of Deuterium(heavy water; 1p+1n+1e- Hydrogen atom; regular H has only 1p+1e-);
    -the central claim of cold fusion adherents is that a nuclear reaction (fusion of deuterium) can be initiated and maintained in an electrochemical apparatus not much different from the setup used to demonstrate the breakdown of water into hydrogen and oxygen;
    -on an important note:Fusion as a such, does not primarily generate or require radioactive mat'l; it does, however, create an intermediate 'fueling' by-product, called 'Tritium'(the 3rd derivative of Hydrogenium), which is somewhat emissive; which...in turn, can be controlled by a suitable design and materials(the 'plastics' and chemicals that are mentioned in a following quote);

    (yep, SEAWATER!)

    (what that means in all its simplicity-is nearly free energy,
    which explains once again-the true reason why it has been debunked 20 yrs ago, and barely funded in its research, ever since;
    however, the(globalist-bureaucrats) won't be able to stop all those crazy smartypants-hobbyists from building 'mini-nuke-gen's' in their dad's garage; ppl are striving for freedom and independence..);p

    -there is a principal difference between FUSION(combining nuclei of lighter elements, such as H, Deuterium, 2He) and FISSION(splitting nuclei of more heavy elements, such as 92U, 86Rn);
    here's a link for a brief and simple breakdown:

    -and here a few more about different kinds of reactor types and energy-systems:


    *the sun conducts 'fusion' based on pressure, btw, rather than 'electricity-based:

    -uh oh, what does that mean..now one needs to build a 'gravity-multiplier' device, or would a centrifuge be sufficient enough?
    however, it is NOT recommended to build your own mini-nuke (if u don't kn what yer doing)! :D
    i did this research because i was trying to build my own economical
    quick rice-cooking pot ;D
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