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Cold resin fiberglassing

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    I've been reading up on vacuum infusion for fiberglass. The big problem is getting the resin to flow over a part completely before curing. Viscosity lowering additives can only be used at a minimum due to decreases in the strength that are undesirable. One solution is to heat a slow curing resin to thin it out. But that reduces curing time and it requires a post cure oven curing to fully cure the resin.

    I can't find any info on the use of cold temperatures with normal hardening resin. The idea is to use normal resin and hardener, lower their temperature below 60F to increase curing time drastically, and then when the resin is fully infused bring the temperature above 60F and allow to harden normally.

    What are the effects of reducing resin temperature on it's physical properties?
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