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Collatz Conjecture

  1. Nov 24, 2017 #1
    I have been interested in the attempts to prove this Conjecture since 2000 and like many others (eg Ken Conrow) I have tried to find a convincing solution. Today I read on this forum what looks like a proof that there cannot be an internal cycle beyond 4:2:1 but I don't think the author realizes it as that. Of course that still doesn't "prove" the whole conjecture because it does not address an infinitely long trajectory. I wonder if anyone else has done so. I have created a system to account for every integer possible and its first ascent step that may answer the density problem in nearly every proof offered so far.
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    Write a paper, submit it to a journal. Ideally show it to some colleagues before to check it.
    That's how mathematics is done. This forum can't help in that part of the process. If the proof is published we can discuss it here.

    Just to be realistic: The most likely result is some error somewhere.
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    Or maybe try "parallel" problems, like , say, a "5x+1" version, to gather insights into the Collatz.
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