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Collecting air samples to test for primary pollutants.

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    I'm doing a lab (Extended Essay, if you're familiar with the IB program) on the local air quality. I basically would need to collect some air samples to test, but I'm not sure how I would go about collecting appropriate samples of air. I'm also not sure in what sort of container I could place them in.

    The container has to be transparent since I will be shooting an infrared beam through the air sample.

    So, how could I go about collecting air samples, and what kind of containers do you suggest I get/make? I've got the rest of the lab set-up, but I'm stumped on how I would collect air samples. I guess I could just use ziplock bags and fill them with the 'air' in different areas of the city, but I'm not sure if that'd work. ANY ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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    Without knowing what time constraints you face, I'll offer a suggestion that you look at the sensitivity of your IR before committing yourself too heavily --- can you distinguish between air you breathe and a ziploc filled from an auto/truck/bus tailpipe?
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    I have plenty of time ^_^.

    I just need to figure out a good way to collect air samples, and a good way to store them so I can test them. I have two ways that I've thought of, and both require a way to store air samples.
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