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Collecting Hydrogen during electrolysis.

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    Hey I got some plans off the internet how to make hydrogen so i built a machine made out of PVC pipe,car battery and two water containers.
    Sure it makes hydrogen but how do the hydrogen get through the hose.
    Is it When the hydrogen bubbles pop it lets the hydrogen out than into the tube???:confused:

    The website is http://www.geocities.com/hydrogenpower1/experiments/simple_electrolyzer.html
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    it would appear from the picture, the Hydrogen is generated in one of the arms of the PVC pipe, and then allowed to bubble up to the top. There the Hydrogen collected until the pressure is enough to force the Hydrogen down through the tube, underneth the water, where it finally bubbles up and is collected over water in the water jug.
    The key here is that the pressure of Hydrogen at the top of the PVC arm is high enough to push it all the way back down and under the water again, if it is not, it will mearly collect that the top, not going anywhere, so make sure your producing it fast enough so you dont have to wait a month before you can see bubbles into your final water jug.
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    You built it from those two pistures and that bit of text only? Wow.
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