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Collection of improving general cognition techniques

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    Hi I have got an aim..shared by millions..

    i have to improve my general cognition. It is probably true that being very smart is actually bad because you
    just see too much scope for danger all around you and get way too stressed out. This post is about geting
    to help out the regular joe out there.

    I have discovered that doing it via pills etc.. is shortlived, possibly dangerous and probably mostly bull****. Besides I want permanent increase.

    I have also discovered that
    doing it via nanotech etc ie increasing inter neural-connectivity using nano polymer electrodes fed into brain capillaries is plausible but it is atleast 20 years away and will
    likely get bogged up in the depths of neuro-ethics. It must go through
    the ethical mill because society can become incredibely dangerous if
    these aids are let loose carelessly.

    I thought I'd get people to share their ideas about how they have gotten past mental obstacles in their experiences.

    So far compelling evidence I have found to support the claim that this is possible is

    1. Glial cells keep growing into adulthood and may be involved in aiding processing.

    2. A neuron can build an incredible number of connections between itself and surrounding ones and continues to do this into old-age.

    3. Neurogenesis occurs in dendate gyrus which is be responsible for building memory.

    4. Mental training lowers the degree of mitochondrial repirsation required for a certain task. Efficiency of thinking improves as a result possibly leading to greater ability to do parallel processing.

    5. Processing within a neuron is possible..ie dendrites and soma are involved in two way synaptic firing. more Dendrities can be added.

    Correct me if I'm wrong in any of these areas. Feel free to add any facts
    you have dug up.

    Evidence I've found against is

    1. Cortical neurons you get at birth are the ones you have to live with.

    Anyway this is the science.

    I just want techniques and how people used them. These may be any technique ranging from mental things in any situation ranging from sport, to socialising to academics.

    Hopefully following these will mean that will mean all of the physical changes will fall into place. Also some idea of how people recognized the feeling of feeling more balanced, better, whatever if felt like will help, just for motivation sake.

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