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College Admissions

  1. Jun 23, 2007 #1
    Hey everyone,

    I am an incoming high school senior who wants to attend a research college (undergraduate) with a top physics program (particularly in string theory and quantum physics). Can anyone suggest one for me?

    Also, I am interested in attending possibly Caltech but my gpa is only a 3.65 unweighted--not sure if I have a chance. Let me give you guys my full cv:

    sophmore year, I took ap calc bc and bio and got 5's but my english and biology grades were only B's (which pulled my gpa down)

    junior year, I took 4 ap math and science (physics c, stats, chem, and ap comp sci a) and got all 5's and I got straight A's that year.

    I qualified for the usamo and uspho competitions and did independent research. I also self-studied and finished undergraduate theoretical math and physics (for no college credit).

    Do i have a chance at Caltech?

    Lastly, given that i have mastered undergrad material in math and physics, how could i demonstrate this skill and would colleges appreciate it if i just state that i had self0studied the material?

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