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College ain't what it use to be

  1. Jul 30, 2005 #1
    In three weeks I will go off to FSU to major in physics! :biggrin: Ranked 2nd best university in the nation for physics, oh and the 3rd biggest party school!

    I recently took a trip up to the campus and all I can say is wow. It's freaking awesome. I've always heard that you'll always be hungry as a college student and the food the college does provide is bad, my dad told me this constantly. The food there was great! It's an open buffet with pizza, roasted chicken, pasta, fish, saladas, lots of deserts and more! And it's all made right in front of you! Plus their are dozens of other places to eat on campus!

    As for TV, in my dad's day there was one lounge per building with a TV in it and it only had 4 channels. I will have free digital cable provided for me along with cable internet access, all right in my room!

    In addition, there is an olympic pool, bowling alley, a video game building with all the new consoles and games :!!) , multiple gyms and work out areas, basketball, baseball, football, etc courts, bus transport service to just about anywhere in the Tallahassee area, an FSU card which doubles as an ATM and debit card (also works on soda machines, how conveinent!), and a movie theater. Best of all, ITS ALL TOTALLY 100% FREE FOR STUDENTS! :surprised

    How much is this heaven costing my parents? Summing up housing, food, and classes it will only cost about $7,000. Not bad if you ask me. My parents would probably spend more on me if I stayed at home.

    My courses:

    Ancient Mythology (eh, I like mythology and its better than regular history)

    Freshmen Comp. and Rhetorio (guess college can be all fun :frown: )

    Calculus with Anylatical Geometry II :biggrin:

    Discovering Physics (formality, only 1 credit hours, kind of an over view of what physics majors will be learning)

    General Physics B with Lab (YEAH!!!)

    My dad thinks I'm being spoiled. Am I?
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    Yes, you're being spoiled! :tongue:

    As for food, keep in mind you visited during the summer when they prepare everything in smaller quantities than during the school year when they have thousands of hungry students to feed. The quality tends to be a bit better in the summer. And, don't worry, you'll get tired of the same pizza, chicken, pasta, fish menu repeating itself on a regular basis. When I was in college, that stuff was never that bad, it was the days they insisted on serving bacon still sitting in grease for breakfast, and when they kept serving the same overcooked broccoli every few days as a vegetable (most people would have liked more variety in vegetables).

    Some people liked the food because their parents' cooking was worse, and in my case, it was on par with my mom's bad cooking, so no big adjustment other than that everything seemed to be served with an extra helping of grease (you can only eat french fries with so many meals a week before you get sick of them). So, we'll see if you still say the same thing after the first semester ends.

    Though, that is something colleges have been working on is making the food more healthy, so maybe FSU is doing a good job of it. We had small kitchens in our dorms, so I was never starved, just had to supplement bad dining hall food with my own cooking.

    Though, I'm not sure about the rational behind having digital cable in every room. Internet access, yes, but not cable TV. The good thing about having to go to a common room to watch TV (even if they installed cable there...when your father was in college, there probably WERE only 4 channels on TV :rofl:) is you get to know other students better, and your room is reserved more for sleeping and doing homework. When I was in college, it was more like what your father had, with just basic network TV but there was also a VCR in the common rooms (we had two lounges, one next to the main lobby, and one in the basement). Our dorm was special to get the VCR because we were all math/science majors and the learning center had tapes of math/science lessons/topics available to borrow, so we convinced someone that having a VCR would allow us to use these tapes for group learning. Of course the VCR worked just as well if we put in tapes we rented from the local rental store as well. :biggrin: Of course we were also "special" to have a computer room in our dorm instead of having to go to one of the computer labs on campus. While I was a grad student, they were beginning to install the cables to run T1 lines to all the rooms to keep up with the increasing need for computers...again, that dorm was one of the first slated to get them, but the entire university was supposed to get them over time. But that's more of a necessity than anything else now. And at least a computer is quieter than having your roommate clacking away at an old typewriter late into the night when you're trying to sleep...oh, wait, I was the one clacking away on papers until 4 AM to turn in for my 8 AM class while my roommate was trying to sleep. :tongue2:
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    I go to U of Michigan at least once a month, and am often treated to lunch. The food is great, with a lot of low fat healthy choices. And yes, collage food has come a long way from even 10 years ago. Here in the winter they add a soup bar, with some of the best chilli around! :!!)
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    Notre Dame BY FAR has the best food you can imagine. When ever i visited my friend who went there I would demand that we eat in the cafeteria. They have chefs who crack eggs by hand if you want eggs for breakfeast or guys who cut meat off of a huge roast they cook for dinner. Even when all the parents come to ND they all eat at the cafeteria because it is so awesome.
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