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College Decision

  1. Mar 18, 2010 #1
    Hello, I got my acceptance letters back from most of the schools I applied to and most of my financial aid packages. I want to go for engineering (I haven't decided exact discipline, but I was accepted to Electrical Engineering, because that is what my interest was listed as)

    So far I can afford: RPI (Rensselaer) and Stony Brook University (a NY state school)

    I am waiting on Carnegie Mellon and Boston University. I can't afford Syracuse or University of Michigan.

    The issue is that while I got a lot of money to RPI part of that is in gov't backed loans and my parents want to take the rest out in personal loans (they can't afford to pay out of pocket right away, so they want to let me deal with it later...). On the other hand at Stony Brook I will likely get close to a full ride (end price in the hundreds rather than thousands)...

    I am still talking with my parents, but I personally want to go to RPI, but I don't want to deal with 28k in personal loans at 8% interest and 32k in government loans (luckily with no interest). They offered to pay off the interest until I got a job, but I was hoping to go to grad school...
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  3. Mar 18, 2010 #2
    stony brook ftw!
  4. Mar 19, 2010 #3
    I am a fan of going to the best school available. Even though it is a lot of money you have a long time to pay it back. Some small schools get your degree, but leave you on your own to actually find a job. The bigger schools are selling a degree and a network to be a part of after graduation. Just make sure the one you are buying into actually has a network. You should have a good internship that will lead to a job offer.

    Good Luck,

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