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College entry

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    Any of you in/applying to MIT? I was wondering... I have read tons of reviews and the statistics say that the average ACT is 31... But what kind of GPA is necessary? I made a 33 on the ACT, but my GPA is only about 3.78. I accel in math and science... but I don't know what their expectations are grade wise.
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    3.78 (out of 4?) is nothing to be ashamed of and certainly nothing that will cost you admission (especially if your science and math grades are higher). I don't know much about the ACT, but if your scores are above average, that's a point in your favor. Try to represent yourself well in your interview; focus on your strengths. In general, GPA (usually relative to your class) + board scores will serve as a weed-out test (which I would guess you would pass) to determine if you can handle the pace. From there, final decisions will be based on your supporting materials (e.g. references, interview, extra-curricular, and essays).
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    What's really underestimated is how significant the letters of recommendation and extracurricular activities are. Most people that apply to MIT have really good test scores and grades. What gets you noticed is the more subjective things.
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