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College Essay help

  1. Sep 17, 2006 #1
    I've never been quite sure if academic advise that is not related to science is allowed here but I'll post it here anyway.
    I'm writing a college application essay. I'm having some trouble getting started. I have 4 to write but this one is the longest and most dificult.
    I have a choice between
    A. If you could have one picture what would it be and why?
    B. What has someone said that is meaningful to you and why is it meaningful?
    I don't want you to give me an idea or anything. I just need help finding a jumping off point.
    All the ideas I've had have been unsatisfactory. But I will post them for the hope that perhaps I was wrong I have a golden idea.
    It would of my bedroom. I was going to talk about how the room has memories going back to 2nd grade and how it really shows who I am.
    It would be "you did the right thing" then I would go into philosophical about how one can never really know if one is doing the right thing because the mind tends to want to agree with itself and how that statement is one of comfort because it confirms you are on the right path. It was supposed to show how I can be analytical.
    I was going to talk a rivalry I have with a friend and the meaningful thing would be "good job" because we support each other even as we mock each other.
    Say hello to cliche, doesn't say anything about me, and silly.
    I would prefer to get it done in time for early action but I don't really care.
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  3. Sep 18, 2006 #2
    I've never actually been on an admission committee, so I could be completely wrong, but I've always thought that this sort of essay is more a test of how well you can write and have your personality shine through than anything else. If you're willing to believe this, it sounds like A. would be your best bet.

    Whichever you choose though, please be specific. Talk about a particular picture, or a particular instance when someone said something to you. You want to stand out here, and generalities just won't do that.

    And of course if you don't get in, it's not my fault!! :-)
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