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College Future

  1. Feb 13, 2013 #1
    Hi yall, Im a freshman at UIUC, just started my second semester. I'm a physics major and I love physics bc it's actually challenging and it's just generally awesome.

    I kind of managed to land on probation last semester bc of not applying myself until the end of the semester; let's just say I enjoyed my first semester. So I am taking E&M now, and I just had my exam for EM and I bombed it, it may have been the hardest test I've taken. I'm just so confused as discouraged since I really tried these last few weeks to learn the material.

    In all my classes I tend to have the problem of not doing well on the tests. I'm not a nervous type, I'm incredibly confident, and aware of the issues of being overconfident. I go to maybe 70% of the office hours, generally as much as I can manage with my schedule. I rarely have all that much trouble with the homework, and I do mediocre on the weekly quizzes. I do physics almost everyday. I help anyone who needs help, I often get mistaken for a TA at office hours. I am not afraid to work for something, but I'm busting my *** and not getting results. I don't understand why I am not doing well and I am very upset.

    Most advice is appreciated.

    Bombed test, need to do better. What more can I do to become successful in the ways of physics. I am angry now haha... >:(

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