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College help

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    Some one told me that I should not try and play basketball at college and double major in Chemistry and Physics; that I should either pick one or the other. I really love the sport and the sciences and was devastated when they advised me to have to choose between things that I love. After school I plan to get into a top graduate school. Do you think it is possible to play basketball and do well in school achieving the goals I have set forth?

    The same person also told me that I should complete my science majors in five years instead of four saying that this was the norm for single science majors let alone double. Is this true? Would a top program accept me if I completed my degrees in five years instead
    of four? Does a year difference in time it takes you to finish school factor largely into the selection process?

    Thank you!
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    I have two friends who played soccer while getting good (one was valedictorian for his department) grades in electrical and computer engineering and working in a research lab, so I know it's possible. It just takes psychotic levels of discipline and awesome time management skills. I vote for not giving up what you love if you don't have to, as that will make you all resentful and unhappy, which in turn may make you unproductive, but you've gotta figure out if you can handle the practice load on top of your coursework. (Oh, and they both took 5 years on top of being transfer students.)
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    Thank you very much for your help! What you said is just what I needed to hear - possibility, the dedication it will take and all. (Just for clarification; did one friend complete an electrical engineering degree, while another completed a computer engineering degree, or did they both complete a combination of the two? I'm thinking it's the former..?)

    Do you happen to know if the fact that they transferred had to do with the reason why it took them five years to complete school, or were they already planning to take that amount of time to complete their degrees? And lastly, of your knowledge, did they get into top tier graduate schools? Which, if you do know and don't mind telling me?

    Thanks again!
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    The both work night jobs on top of everything else, though everybody I know with decent grades takes about 5 years to complete the degree. Engineering usually leads to burn out otherwise, 'cause 5 major classes a semester is insanely harsh.

    They're both sticking with my not top tier school for the masters 'cause neither was in a rush for a phd. (They've got another year of masters work before considering applying for phds.) The valedictorian didn't apply anywhere else 'cause he's getting masters funding, likes the research group, and wants the flexibility. I don't know if the other guy got in where he applied; I think he did and turned it down 'cause of the cost of the masters. He can't get funding at my school for all sorts of reasons, but my school's cheap. Far as I know he's got no plans for the phd; I think he actually wants to work as an engineer of sorts.
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