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College Loans

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    Hello all. This fall will be my first semester at a University, and can not figure out how I should take out loans. My parenst are not going to pay for anything, and will not take out loans in their name either. I have to take out all the loans in my name. My school has offered me one student loan of 3500. I also am getting two scholarships that total 3000 and my pell grant totals 400, but this is deffinetely not enough. My school recomends it will cost a total of 16000 per year (including living expenses), and this is how much I plan it actually costin.. So I obviously need a bigger loan. I need one more 9000 loan (per year). Where should I be looking?
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    you can try CitiAssist loan - its a signature loan that would require a co-signer (your parents could co-sign it)
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    For the past 3 years I've been getting federal loans as well as a Key Alternative Loan, which is what my school recommends. You can apply with or without a cosigner (but you may not have enough credit to apply alone).


    Wow, your school is cheap compared to mine!
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    What are you majoring in? If you plan on becoming a high school teacher, of Math or Science, you can get some great deals on loans.
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    really mattmns? is this only US or worldwide?
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    I can only speak for the US.
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    My sister gets loans for great deals because she is becoming a nurse. As for what I am doing, I am majoring in Chemical Engineering.
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    Something else to consider is a part-time job during the school year as well as a full-time job over the summer. You'll appreciate every effort you make now to minimize student loans twice over when you graduate.
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    If they are not going to cosign, then I would think you could go back to the fin aid office for more aid.
    However, if your parents are deducting you on their income tax, then I would consider bringing up declaring yourself as an independent if they will not help you.
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    unfortunatly you usually have to have been living on your own for 2 years before you can declare yourself independant (or be married).

    I've had two friends in your current situation 1 of them married another girl (she's a straight girl) in order to get residency along with independant status for school. The other is going to take a few years off.

    the financial aid system works in such a way so that you either fit certain criteria or you won't be able to go to school, those criteria being either wealthy parents who will give you money or cosign or parents with nothing in which case you get a free ride.

    the system sucks for everyone else. but without a cosigner or an income above 15000 a year you won't be able to get a loan.
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