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College major

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    Hi, everyone,
    I am now a high school senior student (a girl), and I plan to study in the field of engineering in the next four years. I understand that I do not have to choose a specific major in my freshman year, but I would like to learn more about this field from those who are acturally studying engineering (or those who have studied engineering). Could anyone please explain some different engineering majors (such as chemical, electrical, computer, bioengineering, aerospace, civil, mechanical...etc), what people study (not specific courses, but areas of knowledge...), and what are the job opportunities for the major...Thanks
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    When my daughter was a senior in HS she decided on Engineering and we went around to several engineering schools in the middle west, examining different programs. She eventually decided on Marquette University, in Milwaukee, and Industrial Engineering as a concentration. I believe people considerations were a major factor in this decistion; Marquette seemed friendly and homey to her, and IE requires more people skills than some of the other disciplines.

    In the upshot, she worked several summers at intern positions and on graduation was offered a job as an IE at a big Wisconsin manufacturing company. After a number of productive years as an engineer there she was able to move into marketing, and she in now rising in that field. She continues to be active as an alumna and corporate representative in Marquette engineering opportunities for women.
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    Thanks...any other engineering majors?
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