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College Or Trade School?

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    I'm looking to advance in the world of IT and in need of some expert advise. But let me first tell you a little about myself...

    I am a 26 year old student. After completing an Associates program at DeVry, I went for my A+ certification. And I recently completed a Network course at a trade School. Yesterday I became Network+ certified. Eventually I want to get my Masters along with additional certifications (MCSA, Security+, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP)

    Which should I go for first?
    Bachelors at College or MCSA certification at a Trade School?
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    You said you want to get your masters, but masters in what major?

    Its easy to get certification's, but its a lot harder to sit down and deal with 4 years of school, taking countless number of lower level courses that you probably think are pointless.

    If you plan on working full time or part time while getting your bachelors, the MCSA cert will help you find a job.

    What I'm confused on is, you sound like a really hands on person, not liking theory to much, thats why you went to deVry/trade school. You want to learn a trade and apply it, not deal with English courses, history courses, Calc 3, etc. (I'm making this assumption correct me if i'm wrong).

    For example, say you want to get your masters in Computer Engineering, and then in grad school focus on Networking, the type of work you would be doing would be the complete opposite of what your doing now.

    You wouldn't be doing hands on jobs, you would be doing more design of network systems/hardware.

    So you would be over qualified after you get your masters to do the type of hands on work you probably have been doing.

    You can also go to school while studying to get your other certifications, so I would recommend going to school, get your 4 year degree, at the same time get your certification, and then get your masters.
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    Masters in what? If you are considering salary, know that a 4-year college degree does not equal lots of money or decent pay. Vocational school often brings about a better pay than what a B.S. can.
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    Thanks for your Advise guys...

    Originally I wanted to master in Network Communication Management. But recently I heard alot of good things about Information Security. Im Still not sure on which to go for.

    I plan on working atleast part-time while I attend College... and I would rather work at a related field than Burger King. With my qualifications Jobs are only offering $14/hr around here (NYC). I could barely afford my rent with that.

    As for right now, I guess you both agree on me getting my MCSA first.
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    If you qualify for finanicial aid you might not have to work while in school. Go ahead and get your masters as it will give you more qualification and a nice salary.
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    getting the 4 year degree will def. help, I have no certification's, and make 22.50 /hr as a Comp Sci co-op.

    Def. apply to fin. aid like animalcroc said, I get a fair share of money from fin. aid but after this co-op I doubt I'll get any fin. aid for the 08-09 semester.
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