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College Park or Johns Hopkins?

  1. May 13, 2015 #1
    Hi there, everyone. This is my first time posting on this forum. Hopefully someone out there can help. First off, I'm a physics major. I recently accepted admission to UMD College Park. I know their physics department is stellar, and I was excited to go. I was waiting to get back my financial aid decision, when I got a letter from Johns Hopkins saying that I was accepted and tuition was fully paid for. Now, I'm still not sure how much aid I would be receiving from College Park, and I may not until it's too late, so that's a different issue. The question I have for the community is which program would be better? I know they're closely ranked, so opinions and elaborations would be greatly appreciated. I'm more interested in the theoretical side of physics, and I hope to get my Ph.D. in something related to quantum physics if it helps. Thank you for any help you can offer.
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    In my opinion, I'd go for JHU because UM-CollegePark has a lot of students (too many for my taste).
    You are entering a PhD program there?
    In the past, graduate tuition has usually been covered by an assistantship (teaching or research) or a fellowship.
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    No, I'm just an undergrad now. Sorry, I meant that I eventually hope to get my Ph.D in that field.
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    My advice would be the same as robphy. Also UMD's campus is really big and sprawled out with many of the physics (undergrad anyway) courses held in older buildings with poor air flow or conditioning. I only have second hand knowledge of JHU's campus, it has a good reputation and the campus is very scenic and while large, isn't as overwhelming (my opinion only, you should visit BOTH campuses as they aren't that far from each other ie see one on a Saturday morning, and visit the other on a Saturday afternoon or attend a college day at both).
    If you do end up leaning towards UMD, you might also consider UMBC. Quite a bit smaller but a much more modern campus.
    You may want to research faculty though for any college you choose. But I have found that the most prestigious professors are prestigious for being excellent at publishing and NOT for teaching. There is a site that offers review of college professors. If you are going to be enrolled in a certain professors class, you can judge how good he has been in the past. Knowing professor reviews may also help you decide as well.
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