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College Park Vs. Johns Hopkins

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    Here's the dilemma, Under the assumption I get accepted to both, more on the later, everything I have read places UMD pretty high in the pecking order for their Physics program, but JHU has a more notable name overall. JHU is twice the cost of UMD but it's a closer drive, vs College Park which I'd likely utilize Public trans, which could be nice for reading and general studying.

    A little background, I'm 27, and have only been in college for 3 semesters including the current, I have a 3.81 QPA with a 4.0 GPA last semester, I'll have over 30 credits earned from the current intuition with 30+ additional credits accepted from military experience. This is good since after 30 credits JHU doesn't need to see high school transcripts. What is a college looking for when they consider admissions, and what are my chances of being accepted?

    As for the original question, if I'm accepted to both which would be an ideal choice and why?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I am a freshman going to College Park double majoring in physics and astronomy, so I would be pretty biased, but I like CP over Hopkins. You said that JHU is twice the cost (though I'm not sure how much financial aid hopkins gives).
    The physics department here at CP is large (75 tenured faculty members I think, and physics majors are treated quite well. Sure, I've only had two classes, but the professors are/were really good, and physics majors have the professors teach them as opposed to a TA. Also, due to the large department size, most physics majors easily get to do research fairly early on in their college careers. As for other departments, I can't say much about them.
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    Hi Paul,

    I go to one and work at the other! (Actually, its the Hopkins lab for naval research). Since your in-state, I would say you have a 99% chance of getting into CP. You're going to need to have taken calcII, physics I, english 102, and (I think) chemistry I and II, if you want to go straight into engineering or phyiscs. Otherwise you will have to apply after you have those requirements done.

    If hopkins will pay for you to attend, I would go there. If not, I would go to CP because you'll get a good education and not be in massive debt when you finish. I know lots of people at work, and the come from all kinds of schools and backgrounds. Its really not that big a deal where you go: what matters is that you know what your doing when you graduate and you have good grades.

    (Keep in mind im in the engineering and not physics department)
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    I was born and raised in baltimore so I know a bit about both schools. I would say goto Hopkins, especially if there's a chance that you might end up working in a non-physics related area like the business field where no one has any idea of the quality of the UMD physics department. And I'm guessing at 27 your less interested in things like picking up drunk sorority chicks at frat parties (which UMD would be better for and would be a reason why some people I know chose UMD over hopkins)
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    vist the schools, and talk to the students and the professors, and the classes, and look at the course syllabi and the degree requiurements. dont just go by what you hear on the internet.
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    I was going to add that too mathwonk. In order to really choose, you'd have to really do your homework on both schools. Last year, I wasn't sure whether I should go to College Park or UMBC, and then I went to each campus and talked to a couple faculty members and I found that UMBC just did not click with me. Now I am happy at College Park. I'm sure the professors at both schools would be happy to talk to you.
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    I appreciate all the responses, and as "imastud" assumed I'm not into frat parties, now drunk chicks that’s another thread. JHU does have the name, but if names don't hold as much weight in the research community as they do in other aspects of the working world then why buy a BMW when a GM will get you to the same place; If that makes sense.

    (cyrusabdollahi) - Seriously though, I'm taking Calc I this semester as well as Chem II (though CP dropped Chem. I & II) from their professional physics program. I've already taken Eng 101 and received an A which exempts me from the 2nd English (I forget the code it's on the artsys page). Harford CC doesn't offer Physics in the fall, which is one of the reasons I'm transferring with out my AS, it would take me 3 years to get it and the last 2 semesters would be a waste.

    I had about made up my mind to go with CP before I submitted my FASFA but when I did that I put JHU down as one of the recipients, then got to thinking "it would really be a bummer if I was approved for a chunk of money, but never applied." Then began running scenarios in my head about JHU on my diploma Vs UMD and what if for a position My self and another applicant where on the top of the list but he/she had JHU and . . . well you get the picture.

    And besides if I go through all this and can't get a job in Research and Development it's unlikely I'll be doing much besides construction . . . again.

    I'll wait for acceptance letters before I visit and talk with the professors, I'd hate to build my self up for a let down. In the mean time anyone else that has any recommendations I welcome them, unless it's "Dude the parties at * are so much better then at *, and the chicks . . . though eye candy never pushed me away from any decision.
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