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College Physics

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    Right now I am currently in physics 111 and I have to take physics 112 next semester and than after that im finished with my physics courses. Well, we are using College Physics by Randall D. Knight, Brian Jones, and Stuart Field. In my opinion the book is very lacking, especially in the examples department. So I was wondering if you guys could reccommend a very thorough textbook with some good examples and covers 112 along with 111. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!!!....
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    Well I think you have to make clear what physics 111 and 112 covers.
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    Go to your college library and see what other intro physics books they have. Serway is pretty popular, as are Halliday & Resnick. While I don't recall any of the three (Knight included) having more examples than the other, between the three you might get what you're looking for.
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    There are two kinds of "general physics" courses and textbooks: ones that use calculus and ones that don't. Which kind is this one?

    Course numbers are different from one university to another, so "Physics 111 and 112" doesn't tell anything about which kind of course you're taking.
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    Non-Calculus Based: I found Giancoli's Physics to be quite good.

    Calculus Based: I've heard good stuff about Resnick/Halliday (which is the textbook I'm going to be using this year). Giancoli's "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" might also be a good textbook to look up.
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    sorry for not being more specific on what type of physics course it is...physics 111 and 112 are the non-calc based...sorry again and thanks!!
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    At UMass, people studying to be a Physicist use Young & Freedman (pictured above). As an engineering major, I used Halliday/Resnick/Walker for Physics I & II. I'm still using it, re-reading chapters as I learn more in Multivariate. Both texts are Calculus based. I haven't looked at Young/Freedman, but I love my Halliday/Resnick/Walker text. My text is definitely more "applied". It's interesting to read, the in-chapter examples are great, but the end of chapter exercises are kinda dry at times. Oh, and EXPENSIVE!
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    I am also using the book College Physics: A Strategic Approach by Randall D. Knight, Brian Jones, and Stuart Field. I was wondering if there are any good websites to help me to learn better and get more examples. I am not great at Physics, especially when I have a teacher that isn't too willing to help. I can go to my old high school teacher, but I would like to do as much on my own as I can, and still pass Physics.
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    Young and Freedman is definitely very helpful...
    my classmates have downloaded a solutions manual of that book over the internet and it has definitely helped in studying...

    if you want to self-study in physics... there's this book entitled CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS and it teaches physics in a very layman way... very helpful if you want to grasp the concepts before getting in to the calculus part.
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