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College Reg

  1. Jan 16, 2004 #1
    College Reg!!!!!


    recently I enrolled in 3 college courses. Night time.

    ... I registered. and now I just found out the tuition is $600... not including texts...

    They never mentioned anything about money when registering me... I told them I am a highschool student... what do I do lol, my mom's gonna be shocked if she see a letter urging $600.
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  3. Jan 17, 2004 #2
    $600 is a value

    I've registered 3 classes and It's $5,000 each not including books.

    As long as you study hard and get good grades, and not worry too much about girls, you should be just fine.
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    5k each? WOW! I hope that was for your PHD
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    You didn't think of asking? @_@
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    Be sure you un-register in time!! My roommate had lots of problems unregistering and had to pay the class without having attended a single lecture..
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    Re: College Reg!!!!!

    Prudens, dear, you need to TALK to your mom NOW! Don't wait until she gets a letter. First, choose the one class out of the three that you want to take the most. My guess is that she may not mind paying for one of those classes - but three would be a bit much. That way, when she hits the roof when you tell her about the $600, you can soften the blow by offering to withdraw from two of them. :wink:
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    Re: Re: College Reg!!!!!

    what happens if I don't pay those tuition? put me in jail?

    I'm already in process of looking for jobs on campus, and applying for that FAFSA thing...
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    They'll get your money one way or the other..
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    jimmy p

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    Hey, my brother is trying to get funding for a second degree... he wants to do a vetinary degree and he has been quoted £15,000 per year, for 5 years. That doesnt include texts or accomodation, just the tuition fees. All because he will be a post-grad.

    EDIT: oh yeah, and THAT is subject to the rise in tuition fees, so the second year it could cost £15,500 etc.
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    .. move to a country where the government subsidizes education ;P
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