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I am a college kid. I'm currently in a community college, having the time of my life. I've submitted a transfer application to Texas A&M, so pray to the Spaghetti Monster that I get in.

Anyway, I just can't help but complain about the sorry state of college kids. What the hell is wrong with these people? Is it so hard to show even a trace of enthusiasm? Oi, it drives me nuts. I get along better with my professors (whether they're History or Political Science or what-have-you) than I do with the other students. It's saddening to me, because a part of me would like to end my life as a professor somewhere.

I'm sure some of you are professors, if post quality is anything to go by. Does the lack of enthusiasm get on your nerves as much as mine?

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As a fellow student, it gets on my nerves but mostly because of the lack of interaction during class. I also attend a community college in NYC and one of my most memorable classes was a Psychology class I took for curiosity purposes; since this is NYC, many of your classmates will come from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This particular Psych class was mostly debates between students while the professor served as moderator and clarified concepts when necessary. I found this class extremely fun and engaging.

In contrast, my English, Math, and History classes are borefests where the same 2-3 students interact with the professor. My recommendation is to find students that show more enthusiasm than you (they should be easy to find in that kind of environment).

Avoid at all costs people such as the "genius" from my English class who wondered why people like me work hard to get an A in a class if getting a C has the same result (you still get the class credits). That was the last time we said anything to each other.
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I think that once you get out of a community college environment, you'll find the students are a bit different. There are still some really apathetic ones that get in to 4 year universities, but they don't last as long.

I really don't know why many people who attend community college even bother, because they really don't seem interested in learning. I feel bad for the students who attend community college because it's all they can afford, or because they need to stay local to their parents, or some such reasons, and really DO want to learn, because they are going to struggle to find like-minded peers there. Summer classes are somewhat better, because then you get students from the universities who are really motivated and just trying to pick up extra credits during the summer without needing to spend the extra money to rent an apartment near their university vs. living with their parents for the summer (though you also get the other group of students who failed the course at the university and are re-taking it at the community college in the hopes it'll be easier to pass there).

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