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    I want to major in physics in college, I am having trouble with my search for colleges with good physics programs. Could you guys post some schools you think I should look into... by the way i am also looking for colleges that might be not very expensive money will be an issue in my choice
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    Sorry I didn't post more about what kinds of thigns I want to study. Right now I am a junior in highschool, at one of the best schools ins the state, Saint Louis University Highschool, I am curious as to what choices for college anyone suggests. I want to study physics throughout college, more particularly particle physics and quantum aspects of physics. money and locations and phys/science dept's are going to be the deciding factors mostlikely in where i end up going, any suggestions? I just want some views on what schools around the US have good departments for physics besides the Ivy league schools and schools liek MIT and Cal Tech
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    Dr Transport

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    Since you live in St Louis, consider Wash U, it may be expensive but I think it is worth the money. You will not specialize until graduae school so look for a place that gives the best foundations.
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    thanks for the info, i am currently looking at wash U, yet money would be the problem, it kidna depends on financial aids and schalorships and that so i owuldn't be able to decide just yet, some other school's I have looked at are mizzou, U-illinois-Urbana Champaign, university of Tulsa ( they had an interesting cybercorps prgram)
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    I currently attend U of I at Urbana-Champaign, and i think it is a really good school for physics. The profs here are great, and its a very good place to learn physics.

    - harsh
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    one thing about expensive schools like MIT and Harvard and so on. They are expoensive but they arte also rich so can afford more finacial aid than poorer schools. i went to harvard as a poor kid and made out ok.

    if you can cut the mustard you can alwys find someone to pay for you. talent is always at a premium.
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    I have a friend from St. Louis who is currently a physics major at U of MO- Rolla. She's had nothing but good things to say about it and by the sounds of it there's some good scholarship $ around if you look for it.
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    Probably the best non-Ivy physics program in the country(i'm including caltech and MIT when i say Ivy). Top ten physics program. Kavlier Institute for Theoretical Physics. College of Creative Studies Physics Major (If you're real good, only 14 some people per year get in to that out of 300 physics majors applicants).

    I would of course recommend CalPoly as well, especially if you're into condensed matter physics, or nanotechnology. One of our professors, MITand Princeton grad, is working on self guided assembly of nanostructures. Really cool stuff.
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    You might want to consider UC Berkley...it's great for Physics...Cal poly is good too for undergraduate study...
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    UCSB has a better program than berkely, the best of all the University of California campus's.

    That said, all the UC campus's have good programs, its just that UCSB has more ongoing research than the others. On the other hand Berkely is THE place for chemistry. There is even an element named after the campus. That big. But for physics, its UCSB (Santa Barbara).
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