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Colliding Galaxies; Hot Gas; New News

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    Another "new" release from NASA. Just click to join and you'll get these every day. So, I won't post these anymore.

    This subject has been discussed here on PF before, but this release should answer some of the questions asked.

    http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2004/08jan_antennae.htm?list768530 [Broken]
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    Labguy, I just subscribed as you suggested but I wish you would still
    keep on posting interesting news items when you come across them.
    It is good for newcomers and also it flags attention to something that you found interesting, in case I happened to miss it when I went thru my email inbox.

    so even with old galaxies not doing so much star-formation, they can collide (as Milky is gonna do with Andromeda) and this triggers
    a huge series of supernova explosions and this throws out into space the elements needed for rocky planets and our carbon-based type of life. So a whole new phase of galactic evolution--with more chances for life and civilization---triggered by collision and merger of galaxies. And they take a picture of it happening and post it on the web. Nice pictures too.
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