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Colligative Properties and such

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    Hello, I'm currently studying Chemcial Engineering and am looking for a resource of some kind which could explain the following topics.

    I've been through an introductory course in my first year and had some simple instruction in Colligative Properties, Raoult's Law, Henry's Law, Vapour Pressure etc... (you get the idea)

    I did well in those subjects, however I didn't truly understand the concepts enough to be comfortable with them. My http://cwx.prenhall.com/petrucci/ [Broken] -while it is good in some respects- does not do a very good job at all of an in-depth explanation of these topics. I wouldn't be worried, but my second semester courses (I take my second semester in the summer because I'm on co-op) involve heavy emphasis on these concepts and I do not want to waste time learning them before I can do the new topics.

    Thanks for your help.
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