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Collision of two NLS soliton

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    Hi all.
    I am studying the collision of two solitons of the NLS equation.
    Actually I just want to plot out the exact solutions given in R.S.Johnson's book. (page 321, figure 4.4).
    I have used matlab to do this and produced the figure using exactly the same values for the parameters.
    However, the produced graph is a little bit different from that in R.S.Johnson's book during collision.
    I am wondering what's wrong.

    Is there any standard animation available in the internet for the collision of two NLS solitons? This sounds very standard, but I can hardly find any...
    Will you have any reference?
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    Chris Hillman

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    Did you check that the function which you input is in fact a solution of the NLS? Did you try plotting/checking it using another package such as Maple or Mathematica?
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