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Collision tests

  1. Dec 28, 2011 #1
    I wanna see what type of impacts a certain suit, say for example, an iron man suit, can handle with different materials. for example, what would happen if you where to make it out of iron compared to titanium or nitinal, what would happen if you shot it with a 9mm or even 105mm tank cannon ect. what would this type of simulation program be called and can i get one for free?
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    Try here first:

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    The link is to a site that has a large section on what kind of round has what kind of penetration.

    It seemed germane to his query.
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    thats all cool, but it doesnt relate to deflection or different design types. what if i design it with nitinal exterior followed by single-crystal titanium and maybe even depleted uranium. followed by a reinforced Kevlar interior. i wanna test all of these designs and see what type of rounds it can stop. i would like to design it to stop a 20mm mini-gun cannon, but that seems unlikely. lol i am so different then the people around me. im 16 :)
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