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Homework Help: Collisions, Fractional Momentum

  1. Dec 3, 2009 #1
    1. A force F=2.0N is applied for 0.5sec to a ball of mass m=0.5kg at rest on a smooth surface (no friction). Determine the momentum P and the velocity v imparted to the ball due to the impulse from the applied force F.

    2. A ball of mass m1=0.5kg moving with a velocity v01=2.0m/sec moving in a straight line makes an elastic collision with a ball of mass m2 of mass 0.5kg at rest (v02=0.0m/sec) on a smooth surface (no friction).

    a) Write down the equations for momentum conservation and energy conversation for this system using vf1 and vf2 as the final velocities for the two masses after the collision.

    b) The expressions for vf1 and vf2 were derived in class as


    Calculate the fractional momentum transfers, Q1 and Q2, where:
    Q1=(Po1-Pf1/Po1) and P01=m1v01 and Pf1=m1vf1

    Q2=(Po2-Pf2/Po1) and P02=m2v02 and Pf2=m2vf2

    Calculate Q1 and Q2 for the following two cases
    Case 1: m1=0.5kg, m2=0.5kg
    Case 2: m1=1.9kg, m2=0.5kg

    Use v01=2.0m/sec and v02=0.0m/sec for both cases.

    c) In which of the Cases, 1 and 2, are the fractional momentum transfers larger?

    I've attempted this homework but got stuck. For my momentum in question 1. I got a value of 4 and a velocity of 2. I'm lost in everything else. thank you for your help!
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