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Homework Help: Collisions in 2 dimensions

  1. Dec 7, 2005 #1
    having trouble with this problem in my text book

    two pucks collide, puck A has a mass of 0.32kg, and an initial velocity of 0.04 m/s [54 N of E], and a final velocity of 0.034 m/s [N]
    puck B's mass is unknown but has an initial velocity of 0.038 m/s [S of W] and a final velocity of 0.028 m/s [46.5 N of E]. Puck B's mass needs to be found.

    Wheni tried it i used components but i did not get the right answer, the answer in the back of the book is 0.22kg. Does anyone else get this answer? if so could you explain how?? thanx.
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    what equations did you use....i'm assuming pure elastic?
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    yeah i assumed that it was pure elastic, the equation used was..

    (m1x)(v1x) +(m2x)(v2x) = (m1x)(v1fx) +(m2x)(v2fx)

    (m1y)(v1y) +(m2y)(v2y) = (m1y)(v1fy) +(m2y)(v2fy)
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    Could you show me your complete procedure?
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    try using the conservation of Energy rather than momentum....cuz with teh Cons of Mom...it'd be best if you showed those angles...sorry lazy to draw it out myself.
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    bah! sorry for wasting your time, i measured the one angle wrong it was 45 instead of 54!! thanx for your time though, with that change the problem does work out to the solution in the back.
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