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Collison Equations

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    Can anyone help show me the process of solving the equations

    to get the equations

    ------(m1+M2) (2M2v)
    v1'= --------- v1 + ----- V2
    ------(m1+M2) (m1+M2)

    -------(2m1) (M2-m1)
    V2'= --------- v1 + ----- V2
    ------(m1+M2) (m1+M2)

    i need the algebra used or at least how i should start i know you solve one and plug it into the other, but im not sure if i should start by factoring, expanding or what any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Your equations are full of typographical errors, so it is to understand what you are trying to get.

    One hint: conservation of momentum is a VECTOR equation, so it is actually three equations in the three components of velocity. On the other hand, the energy equation is scalar, where the velocity magnitude squared appears.
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