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Medical Colloidal Silver

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    Good evening, I just have a quick question regarding the potential uses of colloidal silver as a cure for many types of pathogens. It is my understanding that colloidal silver can kill about 600 different types of bacteria/viruses based on many in-vitro studies. Despite its potential benefits, colloidal silver can cause argyria and kidney damage if it is not totally flushed out of the body. Cases of argyria and kidney damage as a result of colloidal silver intake tend to not occur unless a significant quantity is consumed. Obviously, CS should not be used on a regular basis.

    This leads me to the point of this thread: How come colloidal silver has not been tested for use in cases where people acquire rare and potent diseases, such as flesh eating bacteria or HIV? It seems like having your skin turn blue is a small price to pay for preventing an amputation or death.

    Here are some resources I used:
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    Maybe the fact that silver being a heavy metal leading toxic effects damaging liver and kidney enough to prevent marketing such product
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    The problem is that virtually no studies have been conducted in-vivo, even on mice. Its a shame that these avenues of medicine are not being explored. Even if a potential antidote is proven to be a failure, at least someone tried.
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